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Trash Free Maryland, founded in 2010, is a nonprofit organization focused on lasting change to prevent trash pollution.

Maryland 2017

It’s time to make polystyrene a pollutant of the past in Maryland.

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Our collective voices are strong, but mobilizing Marylanders around trash pollution is hard work.


Is the Montgomery County bag law working?

Or would an outright ban be better?

Getting clean, inside and out

Can cleaning up litter improve mental health and reconnect a community?

How dirty are Baltimore streets?

When you’re walking around a neighborhood, have you ever noticed how one block might be clean and the next is littered with trash? Or one side of the street is different from the other? With support from the Maryland Department…

State and federal agencies mandate trash cleanup in Baltimore

This week the US Environmental Protection Agency gave final approval to the state’s mandate that Baltimore City and Baltimore County clean up trash that makes its way to the Baltimore Harbor. The Harbor (officially the Middle and Northwest Branches of…

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Baltimore: What Now?

Last night the Baltimore City Council voted down a proposal to apply a 10-cent surcharge on disposable plastic and paper shopping bags. The measure, sponsored by Councilman Brandon Scott, had the potential to significantly reduce litter in Baltimore neighborhoods by…

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Draft TMDL for Baltimore Harbor Now Available!

At long last, the Maryland Department of the Environment has released the draft of the trash Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) for Baltimore Harbor. The regulations described in this document aim to reduce the amount of trash and floatable debris…

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