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Trash Free Maryland, founded in 2010, is a nonprofit organization focused on lasting change to prevent trash pollution.

Maryland 2018

It’s time to make polystyrene a pollutant of the past in Maryland.

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Our collective voices are strong, but mobilizing Marylanders around trash pollution is hard work.


Anne Arundel County and the City of Annapolis Introduce EPS Foam Bans

Amid the disappointing failure of the Maryland General Assembly to pass a statewide ban on EPS foam, Anne Arundel County and the City of Annapolis step up to join the growing list of jurisdictions in Maryland that recognize how harmful this product is.

Join us in April to Clean Up Litter

Marylanders come together to pick up litter every day during the month of April.

Trash Free Maryland Welcomes New Executive Director

Meet our new leader: Ashley Van Stone!

That’s a Wrap! 30 Day Challenge Results

This April, Marylanders across the state engaged in the #30daysofpickinguplitter challenge, started by a Baltimore City resident – Eli Pousson – who wanted to focus on daily action to help clean his community. Thechallenge encouraged Marylanders to pick up litter…

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Baltimore Earth Week Events!

It’s our favorite month here at Trash Free Maryland: Earth Month! Check out the PDF below to learn of the fun Earth Week Events happening all around Baltimore this month.   Calendar of Earth Events: Baltimore

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Statewide EPS Foam Ban Explodes into Millions of Tiny Pieces Upon Death in the MD General Assembly

Learn the ins and outs of what happened to the EPS foam ban this legislative session.

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