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    Looking back on 2015

    We had a very big year, with foam packaging bans, a landmark ban on microbeads, and the largest study of microplastic pollution in our region to date.

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    What Is the Trash Trawl?

    Last fall we set out for three weeks to learn more about how microplastics pollute the Chesapeake Bay. The data is almost ready! Find out more about the project.

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    Save the world. Stop recycling everything.

    Single-stream recycling is one of the most popular municipal services around, and it sends recycling participation rates through the roof. But is that a good thing?


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Trash Free Maryland, founded in 2010, is a nonprofit organization focused on lasting change to prevent trash pollution.


Baltimore City

Can cleaning up your neighborhood be part of the path to recovery? We hope so.


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Our collective voices are strong, but mobilizing Marylanders around trash pollution is hard work.



Help us track the #ECtreasures

Remember the rubber duckies that were lost from a barge in the Pacific Ocean in 1992? The floating toys have since been found all over the world, demonstrating the connectivity of currents in the oceans and putting a cute squeaky…

When did we become a plastic society?

Take a couple of minutes and check out this great video by Jeff Bridges for the Plastic Pollution Coalition. Share the video with your friends, and then get involved with us to make a difference right here in Maryland!

What are you giving up for Lent?

Together with Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake and faith leaders around the state, we are calling on Marylanders to fast from plastic bags in the coming season of Lent. People of the Christian faith often practice fasting to reflect on…

MoCo steps up the Bag Law

Starting this summer, the county will distribute new point-of-sale cards and posters to remind shoppers to bring their own bags.

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Residents to Maryland General Assembly: 
Get plastic bags out of our communities

FEBRUARY 12, 2015 — A bill introduced this week in the Maryland General Assembly would ban disposable plastic bags across the state, reducing litter and slashing overhead costs for retailers. At a briefing today sponsored by nonprofit organization Trash Free…

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Our 2015 Maryland legislative agenda

On Wednesday, a new General Assembly will be sworn in, ushering in a new legislative session that may run very differently from the past four years. Even though the Assembly still has a veto-proof Democratic majority, Republican Governor-elect Hogan, a…

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