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Recycling plastic increases consumption

“Plastic Fantastic Love,” an article by Surfrider Foundation Hawaii manager Stuart Coleman, appeared in the Honolulu Weekly today. It gives a thorough explanation of the problem of plastics, and the threats it poses to marine life, public health, and a sustainable planet. It…

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Two Articles Worth a Read

A couple of good articles have crossed my Twitter feed in the past week. (Follow @TrashFreeMD for regular updates!) First, our friends in Oregon are working to pass a statewide bag ban. This effort follows on a successful campaign to…

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Baltimore Rolls Out a New Voluntary Ban on Plastic Bags

The Sun’s B’More Green has an article today about Baltimore’s new program, where stores, in essence, voluntarily ban plastic bags. Stores that wish to continue distributing single-use plastic bags must be registered with the city, ask each customer if they…

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