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Looking back on 2015

We had a very big year, with foam packaging bans, a landmark ban on microbeads, and the largest study of microplastic pollution in our region to date.

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What Is the Trash Trawl?

Last fall we set out for three weeks to learn more about how microplastics pollute the Chesapeake Bay. The data is almost ready! Find out more about the project.

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We banned the bead!

Quick update, ahead of a longer statement later this week: The General Assembly gave final passage to HB216, ban on microbeads in personal care products, last night! The ban applies to all microbeads made of traditional plastic as well as…

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Fish don’t need exfoliants

UPDATE 3/12: The Senate formally passed the bill today, again unanimously. This is very exciting! Now…on to the House. Today the Maryland Senate gave preliminary approval to SB200, which prohibits the manufacture and sale of plastic microbeads in personal care…

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Our 2015 Maryland legislative agenda

On Wednesday, a new General Assembly will be sworn in, ushering in a new legislative session that may run very differently from the past four years. Even though the Assembly still has a veto-proof Democratic majority, Republican Governor-elect Hogan, a…

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