Our Team

Board of Directors
Lori Arguelles
María Helena Carey
Sean Cosgrove, Treasurer
Angela Haren, Secretary
Samantha Kappalman
Karla Raettig, Chair
Jon Renaut

Claire Jordan, Advocacy and Outreach Manager

IMG_4929Claire Jordan got her start as an environmental advocate from spending her childhood summer and winter breaks in Hayward, Wisconsin, exploring the isolated wooded areas surrounding her family’s cabin and out on the lake. Originally from Chicago, Claire’s passion for environmental justice has taken her all over the globe and in and out of different intersecting environmental issues. She started her education studying plastic contamination of oceans and the impacts on sea turtle habitats, which brought her to food systems and food packaging. Claire received her bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University in environmental science and women’s studies, where she focused on the intersections of social justice and agriculture. Since moving to DC, Claire has been actively involved in the local politics, where she learned of Trash Free Maryland’s work to clean up the Potomac River and Maryland waterways.

As the Advocacy and Outreach Manager, Claire coordinates Trash Free Maryland’s programmatic efforts in conjunction with community outreach, and assists the executive director with general organizational direction. Her role primarily includes policy campaign development, community outreach, and advocacy and logistical support. Claire can be reached at claire@trashfreemaryland.org.