October 11, 2017

Statement of Karla Raettig, Board Chair, Trash Free Maryland on appointment of Julie Lawson by Mayor Muriel Bowser to Direct the Office of the Clean City

“The board of Trash Free Maryland is excited that Mayor Muriel Bowser appointed Julie Lawson to lead the Clean City program for Washington, D.C.  Julie is a nationally-recognized expert in trash and litter policy and has spearheaded legislation in Washington, D.C., Maryland and at the state and local level.  Julie was instrumental in creating Trash Free Maryland and we thank her for her leadership as our Executive Director.  We applaud the appointment, the mayor’s recognition of the importance of this issue, and look forward to working with Julie in her new role.

In the coming weeks, we will be conducting an Executive Director search to lead Trash Free Maryland’s important work to promote lasting change for the prevention of trash pollution.  We look forward to partnering with Mayor Bowser, Julie and the city on creating a cleaner, more vibrant Washington, D.C. and Maryland.”


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  1. Congratulations on your new position, Julie. Your work has been an inspiration to environmental activism!

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