How much plastic is in your community?

Props to the Surfrider Foundation’s Cape Fear Chapter for this excellent, simple video:

This is a terrific project for your volunteers to do. Just head out to a regular roadside in your community and pluck the bags out of the bushes. Line them up, look them over–anything unusual?–and share with the world. You can post your videos to our new Facebook page, and we can show the General Assembly that this is a problem statewide.

One Comment on “How much plastic is in your community?

  1. Such an awesome video. Great she showed all the other crap remaining after only removing bags. I would have loved to see a “before” shot with the bags in place. Next time. Oh but I would not call that a hedgerow. I'd call it a wooded roadside, or a thicket or a patch of scrubby brush. Thanks for making this!

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