There Is No "Away"

Legendary comic strip “For Better or For Worse” took on the problem of trash in our waterways in Sunday’s edition:

Creator Lynn Johnston had this to say about the strip:

Cartoonists are discouraged from using comic strips as a platform for preaching reform – but every now and then, something really gets under your skin and you simply have to write about it. For me, littering is a red flag. If I ruled the world all convicted litterists would receive a stiff fine, a broom and a dustpan. They would be sentenced to cleaning the community streets, parks and beaches for as long as it took to reform them – and even then, they would be on parole.  

When Katie cut her foot on a broken beer bottle at the beach one weekend, I penned this Sunday page – and the response was immediate. I received a lot of mail from folks who feel the same way I do – and it occurred to me: with so many people angry, frustrated and disgusted by littering, why do we still have so darned much of it??!!

I cut my foot on glass once while surfing in Ocean City. I feel much more comfortable wearing Five Fingers or my wetsuit booties now. Has this happened to anyone in your family?

Thanks to Rob Nixon at Waiting for the Next Swell for posting about this!

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