Montgomery County Considering a Bag Fee

Montgomery County is now considering its own 5-cent bag fee, modeled on the one in place in DC. The revenues from the fee would benefit the Water Quality Protection Fund, which supports stormwater projects and watershed protection.

The arguments in favor of this fee are the same as those for a statewide one:

– A bag fee will reduce litter, which is both a visual blight and a pollutant in the water.
– Reduced litter will reduce the amount the County spends to clean up trash.
– Businesses will save money by not having to purchase as many bags.
– Any revenue generated will support restoration and protection projects to further improve our waterways.

The Montgomery County Council is expected to vote on this proposal in just a few weeks. You can tell the Council to support the legislation with a simple email or even a phone call:

District One
Roger Berliner

District Two
Craig Rice

District Three
Phil Andrews

District Four
Nancy Navarro

District Five
Valerie Ervin

At-Large Members
Nancy Floreen

George Leventhal

Hans Riemer

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